Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Our Veggie Box

Martin made us this veggie box this year. It's our first one and the first time growing veggies in the ground like this. Last year we did potatoes in the bag, tomatoes, bell peppers and sweet peppers in pots. The bell peppers didn't really make it but the others did and it was such a rewarding feeling so this year he started us out with cabbage, radish, lettuce, squash and courgette (zuchinni to North America). We had a really bad start to the summer here in England and the slugs ate our lettuce. Dang slugs! Then when the weather got a bit warmer and drier we planted a sweet potato plant, garlic (from last year actually, just replanted it for some reason it wasn't really growing but I think they are now) and winter onions. So let's hope we'll get something out of all this. It's definitely been a learning experience for us and perhaps we won't cram as much into the box and spread things out a bit better next year. But hey ho, I'm sure we'll get a few nice things out of this :)

The planter box my hubby made

Our squash plant

Cabbage at front, courgettes in the back (zucchini to the folks back home)

1 of 5 Tomato plants, next to it is our late summer potatoes

Sweet Potato & Raffa B

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