Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mother & Daughter Project #1 ~ Autumn Table Centrepiece

During my usual weekly chat with my mum  via Skype, we decided to get crafty together.. we don't exactly live near each other any more. I live in England and she lives in my home town near Vancouver, BC, Canada but we wanted to get involved in something that we can share with each other and feel like we are still together.. and since we both enjoy sewing & quilting (my new found hobbies) we thought this project would be just the thing!

We found this super cute spring/summer table centrepiece idea on flickr, below, and we'll customise it to suit our autumnal theme, like different fabric and we'll put a maple leaf in the centre. I think it will bring a bit of Autum into both our kitchens. I really like this idea as it is a great way for us to share our hobby and still be involved with each other! So, first step will be to pick out the fabric.. the exciting part! Stayed tuned for our pictures!

Here's what I've done so far still need to do the binding and backing. The pics were taken with my mobile so it's not the best quality:

Our Inspiration: Found on Flickr: QuiltsByEmily

*Originally posted in August, 2011


Anonymous said...

Hi Hollie! What a great idea you have to a have a mother/daughter project to work on together. Also, love your blog!


Hollie said...

Thanks Char.. it is fun because when we talk on Monday's we get a bit of an update from each other. Will post pics once I get it going. :)