Sunday, 9 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Today we are having the in-laws over for their first Thanksgiving dinner. I'm so excited! I'll be continuing the Canadian traditions of a Thanksgiving dinner but unfortunately we aren't having the traditional turkey, we'll be having a lovely roasted chicken instead (sorry chicken) and we're making pumpkin pie from scratch.. Yum.. Can't wait!!!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Pumpkin Pie from scratch, WOW, good for you! Hope it turned out well. Do the Brits not have a Thanksgiving day? Love Shannon

Hollie said...

I did not see this post until now, oops.. Yes, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving over here. Too bad.. but his family enjoyed it and our pumpkin pie turned out really nice! I'm going to post the recipe here. You should try it out :)